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For more information including pricing on Psychic Readings, please call us at      702-434-7626



Carole has been a metaphysical practicioner, teacher, & intuitive counselor since 1965. Carole uses Tarot, Numerology, & Astrology. As a licensed Psychic with satisfied clients internationally, she is an ordained Spritualist Minister and a retired  international corporate business executive with a Fortune 500 company.

Carole's Schedule:

Carole is here on Wednesdays and Sundays

Please call for availabilty  




Cindy has been reading cards & offering Spiritual Counsel for over 15 years. She works to help her Clients find the path most beneficial to their highest good. Cindy works with Tarot Cards, Palm Reading & Reiki; in addition, she is Clairaudient, Empathic & a Buddhist Practitioner. A session with Cindy is sure to be informative & insightful.

Cindy's Schedule:

Cindy is here on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings

and on Saturdays by appointment only 

Please call for availabilty  




Kimberly has read Tarot for 18+ years. She uses her psychic, intuitive, and empathic gifts to enhance her Tarot readings along with an emphasis on Astrology. She is also a certified ThetaHealing® practioner. Clients say that readings with Kimberly give them clarity, comfort, and answers. 


 Kimberly's Schedule:

 Kimberly is here Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Please call for availability