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Indio Incense
Cinnamon is for good luck, divination, energy, strength, power, healing, money, meditation, protection and cleansing.
Coco is for softening the hearts of your enemies or opponents.
Come To Me is for attracting sexual love.
Controlling is for power over another person and gaining dominance.
Fruit Of Life is for love, luck, wealth, success, abundance, health, loyalty and good fortune.
Love me is for attracting the one you love.

Money Drawing is for abundance, success, prosperity and money.
Reversible is for releasing negative forces or banishing any other problems you may have.
Rose is for attracting love and affection.
Run Devil Run is for keeping out any evil spirits so that they can enter your home; and banishes any evil spirits that already may be in your home.
Vanilla is for attracting love, good fortune, and happiness.

Indio Incense

Price $1.99