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Morning Star Incense
Aloeswood is good for healing, protection, defense, and spirituality.
Amber is good for love, harmony, and peace of mind.
Cedarwood is good for banishing, releasing, exorcism, healing, happiness, harmony, peace, removing hexes, purification, and cleansing.
Cinnamon is good for divination, clairvoyance, energy, power, strength, good luck, fortune, justice, healing, meditation, money, prosperity, wealth, protection, defense, cleansing.
Green Tea is good for tranquility, harmony, peace of mind, and happiness.
Jasmine is good for balance, good luck, fortune, justice, happiness, harmony, peace, love meditation, prosperity and wealth.
Musk is good for energy, power, strength, money, prosperity, wealth, and love.
Rose is good for balance, creativity, banishing, releasing, healing, happiness, peace, harmony, and love.
Sandalwood is good for, healing, spirituality, protection, and defense.
Vanilla is good for love, relationships, and companionship.

Morning Star Incense

Price $3.49