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Anna Riva Incense
Attraction is good for attracting a mate. Love, relationships, compassion.
Bayberry is for bringing in money and for blessing your home.

Controlling is for peace of mind and for gaining dominance over a person or a lover.
Fast Luck is for bringing material wealth to your environment. Also helps with sales, business and profit.
Helping hand is for needed assistance in any court or legal matter.
Jasmine is for attracting a variety of good spirits. Also good for peace of mind and love.
Jinx Removing is for removing jinxes that have been performed against you.
John The Conquerer is for aiding one in all endeavors. Promotes agile mental abilites and quick, clear thinking.
Lovers is good for binding two hearts together so no one can drive you apart.
Money drawing is good for bringing in prosperity and wealth to oneself or business.
Musk is good for helping with assurance, confidence, strength and can also help with heightening sexual feelings between two people.
Opium is good for helping one in all endeavors whether they be love, luck, or money.
Strawberry a good attracting influence; it draws fortunate circumstances in all areas of one's life.

Anna Riva Incense- 1.99

Price $1.99