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Hem Incense: L-Z

Lavender is good for harmony, peace, happiness, healing, love, and exorcism.
Lemongrass is good for happiness, peace, harmony, love, compassion, purification, cleansing, banishing, releasing, longevity, psychic abilites, and opening pyschic centers.
Lotus is good for blessing consecration, creativity, energy, power, strength, good luck, fortune, justice, happiness, harmony, peace, healing, protection, defense, psychic abilities, opening psychic centers, spirituality, visions
Meditation is for purification, cleansing, meditation, prayer, and doing psychic work.
Moldavite is good for changes, contacting and working on the astral, connecting with past lives or other worldly beings.
Myrrh is good for exorcism, peace, harmony, healing, meditation, purification, cleansing, removes hexes, and spirituality.
Night Queen is for banishing, releasing, love, protection and defense.
Nutmeg is good for divination, good luck, meditation, psychic abilities, and opening psychic centers.
Oodh is good for meditation, cleansing, purification, good luck, justice, and spirituality.
Patchouli is good for love, passion, banishing, happiness, and protection.
Protection is good for protection, cleansing, purification, binding, defense, strength, power, energy, courage, and determination.
Rose is good for love, compaionship, balance, banishing, creativity, divination, and releasing.
Rosemary is good for blessing, consecration, determination, courage, energy, power, strength, exorcism, hapiness, peace, harmony, healing, inspiration, wisdom, protection, defense, purification, cleansing, and will power.
Sage is good for cleansing, purification, inspiration, wisdom, success, and money.
The Moon is good for enhances the moon cycles and for meditation and divination.
The Sun is a primordial source of energy; A life giver to the universe and can help change up your life.
Vanilla is good for love, compaionship, and relationships.
Ylang Ylang is good for love, compaionship and relationships and for happiness, harmony, and peace.

Hem Incense: L-Z

Price $1.49