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Hem Incense: A-K
African Musk is good for strength, power, love, prosperity, and wealth.
Amber is for love and protection from all harm.
Benzoin is for blessing, purification and cleansing.
Cannabis is good for happiness, harmony, peace, love, meditation, protection, defense, purification, and cleansing.
Cedar is good for banishing, releasing, exorcism, good luck, fortune, happiness, peace, harmony, healing, cleansing, purification, and removing hexes.
Cherry is good for love, divintion, clarivoyance, banishing, releasing, cleansing, and purification.
Cinnamon is good for divination, energy, strength, good luck, healing, meditation, prosperity, protection, purification and cleansing.
Citronella is good for protection, defense, purification, and cleansing.
Clove is good for banishing, releasing, Happiness, peace, harmony, healing, inspiration, and wisdom.
Dragon's blood is good for binding, changes, courage, determination, strength, protection, purification and cleansing.
Erotic is good for relationships, sensuality, passion, and love. 
Frankincense is good for blessing, consecration, contacting and working on the astral, energy, power, strength, meditation, protection, defense, purification, cleansing, spirituality, and visions.
Good fortune is good for money, prosperity, good luck, and wealth
Honey is good for creativity, divination, clairvoyance, justice, good luck, fortune, love, money, wealth, prosperity, pyschic abilities, and opening pyschic centers.
Jasmine is for love, balance, meditation, happiness, luck, money, prosperity, protection, and attracting a lover.
Kama Sutra is good for love, relationships, compassion, passion, sensual, aphrodisiac, and desire.

Hem Incense: A-K

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